Almond Island

Rent Your Own Private Caribbean Island

There’s some special beach spots in Cartagena’s island archipelago, only a handful offer the chance to experience your own private Caribbean island escape in such salubrious style as Almond Island, a little piece of heaven on earth.

  • This Is What We Love

    • Having your own private island without breaking the bank. This Is how the Caribbean should be experienced

    • The kudos of having the most luxurious base camp for exploring the Rosario Islands

    • Not having to share this little piece of paradise with any neighbours

    • Zoning out, re-charging the batteries and getting off-the-grid in true style

    • Sundowners on the deck with your better half. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this

    • Having a boat parked up alongside for exploring the Rosario Islands, Baru and Cholon

  • What You Need To Know

    • Internet coverage isn’t great but you shouldn’t be heading here to work or have your head stuck in social media

    • The owner places his private yacht at your disposal but you are free to rent your own boat to arrive at the island

    • Catering on the island needs to be arranged well in advance to ensure you get everything you need

    • Full board is available at an additional cost. Please contact our team if you would like to create a tailor-made itinerary


  • Written By

    Logo aulatrés Rainbow Nelson
    Founder of This Is Cartagena. I've been writing about travel in South America for Wallpaper*, VICE, WSJ Magazine, Jetsetter and the Robb Report for 20 years
  • The Details

    Number Of Bedrooms: 5 Bedrooms

    Optimum Occupancy: 10

    Beds: 7

    Price: $1,390.00/Night

    Price (High Season): $1,700.00/ night (rates) ?

    Rates for colonial and islands during Cartagena’s high season can vary considerably. The high season rate for this property applies for bookings between Dec 15 - Jan 15


    Address: Cholon, Cartagena, Colombia

    Neighbourhood: Rosario Islands

    Rating: This is Cartagena


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    While Colombia's reputation has been transformed in recent years, some visitors …

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    We’ve slept in every bed in town and have hand-picked a blissful collection of l…

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    We really do know Cartagena and Colombia better than anyone else. Our talented t…

  • Concierge Services

    While Colombia's reputation has been transformed in recent years, some visitors can still be daunted by the prospect of arriving in Colombia on vacation for the first time. To ensure you and your family or loved ones, feel right at home we’ll send a member of our Cartagena travel team to help you check you in and get you plugged into Cartagena's laid-back Caribbean groove. Your bilingual concierge will be on hand to join up the dots throughout your dream Colombian holiday. If there's anything you need, from table reservations to coordinating the most authentic tours and experiences in Cartagena, you can call on them day or night

  • Quality Assurance

    We’ve slept in every bed in town and have hand-picked a blissful collection of luxury vacation rentals in Cartagena that will make you yawn with yearning. Even some of the most impressive houses to rent in Cartagena require a little intervention to make sure they live up to our lofty standards so we offer complimentary airport transfers and a great breakfast served fresh every day to ensure that all our exclusive colonial mansions, beach villas and private islands are a cut above your average stay in Cartagena.  

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    We really do know Cartagena and Colombia better than anyone else. Our talented team of travel advisors has cherry-picked the very best Cartagena has to offer so you can experience this marvelous Caribbean city like a local. We’re on-the-ground, all-year-round so we can share with you all of our favourite Cartagena things to do, places to eat, drink and relax. Don't take our word for it, check out some of our testimonials and customer reviews here




    • Air Conditioning
    • Family rooms
    • Jacuzzi
    • TV
    • Wi-Fi
    • Coffee Machine
    • Safe Deposit Box
    • Pets Allowed

    Belonging to one of Colombia’s richest businessmen, Almond Island, ticks all the boxes when it comes to privacy and overdosing on Caribbean kudos.

    Perfectly located in the emerald waters of the lush, Cholon lagoon, this idyllic islet is about as privileged a spot you could find to spend a few days off the grid with your loved ones.

    Ideal for families or a romantic escape with a very special plus one, Almond Island is all yours at a price that will probably have you pinching yourself on arrival.

    Whilst most of the islands in Cartagena’s Rosario Islands require you to share this picture-perfect part of the world, there’s absolutely no chance of bumping into the neighbours on this little piece of heaven on earth.

    Rich mangrove foliage provides a lush layer of protection from the sun and any envious eyes.

    With four double bedrooms and a single room, there’s plenty of sleep quarters for a family or group of up to 10 people. Your friends or family will love you for renting this very special island retreat.

    There’s no beach but you’ve got a stunning deck that works its way around the island offering up 360 degree views of the lagoon. Chase the sun or the shade and enjoy idyllic sundowners and you’ll struggle to get bored diving into the lagoon’s sheltered waters.

    If you’re active beachgoers there are Kayaks and canoes at your disposal for some exploratory trips around the bay. If you want other fun water activities like jet-skis, paddle board or flyboard, these can all be easily arranged.

    A luxury yacht that can also be rented from the island’s owner, a neat addition if you want to come and go as you please, or there are boat options for every budget, in This Is Cartagena’s fleet of speedboats and yachts.  

    Unless you are trying to recreate a luxury shipwreck experience, it’s well worth having a boat docked alongside so you can go fishing, diving, snorkeling, visit some of Cartagena’s tasty beach clubs, or to simply take in the stunning scenery on offer in the Rosario Islands National Park.

    When it comes to rations, there are no concerns about being going hungry on this delightful island escape. Almond Island comes equipped friendly staff to pander to your culinary needs. The staff can craft a menu to your tastes and ensure the island’s fully stocked with your favourite food and drink on arrival.


  • Barú Island

    If you're slightly disappointed with the beaches in Cartagena, Isla Baru will exceed your Caribbean beach expectations.

    With the exception of Playa Blanca and Playa Azul, the most prized and expansive of Baru's beaches, the white sand beaches on Cartagena's biggest island other are small, intimate and often lined with mangroves. 

    Before Colombia's Spanish conquerors and their African slaves opened up the Canal del Dique channel between Cartagena and the River Magdalena in 1650, Isla Baru was a peninsula connected to the mainland. 

    Located a short 45-minute speedboat ride away and re-connected by land once again by a bridge in 2014, the Island of Baru has more than enough powdery stretches of white sand to keep the most demanding beach bum happy.

    The island's biggest meeting point is the protected cove of Cholon, where drunken sun worshipers love to let rip with some water bound tail-gating on private boats equipped with blaring sound systems and party as if they were auditioning for a hip hop video.

    If you're craving something altogether more laid-back, the richest families in Colombia are building some lovely beach front properties and beach clubs on Baru to make it the premier beach destination in Colombia.

    Jean Claude Bessudo has built arguably the most impressive. His Hotel Las Islas opened in 2018 elevating the beach stay options in Baru considerably.

    There's a string of others following suit with plans for a luxury marina planned attract a jet-setting, yacht-owning crowd to Colombia's Caribbean coastline. 

    When organising an overnight stay in Baru it's always a good idea to rent a boat to get you and your group to and from your hotel or beach retreat.

    While you can now arrive by land to most places on the island, taking your own boat enables you and your group to spend at least one day visiting the Rosario Islands, an archipelago of 27 islands a short 15 minute ride from the best beach pads available for rent in Baru. 

    If you are in a hurry and feel like an adrenalin rush to start or finish your beach vacation in Colombia then our talented team of travel advisors can organise a helicopter ride to some of the most exclusive places to stay on the island - very useful if you're in a rush to catch your private jet and don't want to lose precious time topping up your tan.

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