NYE Baum + Damian Lazarus

Bogota's Best Deep House and Techno Club in Cartagena with a Top Lineup - 31 December 2018

Bogota's standout electronic music club, Baum, is coming to town for a huge New Year's Eve with plans for a night of serious DJ sorcery anchored by the mystical sounds of Damian Lazarus.

  • What's Included

    • Entrance to Cartagena's Biggest New Year's Eve Party
    • A top DJ lineup for EDM connoisseurs
  • What's Not

    • Extra drinks
    • Dinner
    • VIP Area
  • Who Will Enjoy It

    • EDM connoisseurs who like their techno and deep house and their parties big!

  • The Details

    Date: 31 Dec, 2018

    Time: 22:00-07:00

    Price : TBC

    Address: Getsemani, Cartagena Convention Center, Cartagena


    The organisers of the Wild Brunch have teamed up with Bogota's hottest night club and deep-house deck technician, Damian Lazarus, for a party that promises to delight up to 2,000 ravers who like to start their year hard. 

    This all-night rave will be going well after the rest of Cartagena's revelers have gone to bed, so it's perfect for hedonists that want to keep the buzz going well into New Year's Day.

    Fill your boots before you go.

    This year's venue, the Cartagena Convention Center, offers the option of pulling your boat alongside to join the party and VIP areas available for big spenders that want an elevated view of all the fun and games. 

    Last year, if you wanted a VIP ticket it cost an extra USD$50 giving extra access to the outside area, you'll need to add that to your bill when you buy your tickets.

    Likewise for those that like a lofty perch they were able want to secure their own private VIP area, available for USD$2,300. VIP areas include the following:

    • Your own VIP area
    • 10 Tickets
    • 2 bottles of champagne,
    • 2 bottles of premium liquor, 
    • 4 beers,
    • 4 bottles of water,
    • 4 bottles of Red Bull 
    • Mucho kudos



  • Getsemaní

    Cartagena's second historic walled city has gone from no-go to must-go in less than five years thanks to some of the city's hippest new bars and restaurants. 

    If Centro is Manhattan, Getsemani is more Brooklyn – an up-and-coming hipster hangout trying desperately to cling to its roots. 

    A little rougher around the edges than the already gentrified districts of Centro and San Diego and the lofty ambitions of the beach districts, Getsemaní offers a glimpse into the more unruly historic centre of the past. 

    A fiercely traditional barrio offering a heady mix of bars, dancing, affordable diners, hostels and hotels for backpackers and bohemian colonists looking to mix it up with the carefree locals. 

    Historically populated by merchants, smugglers and freed slaves thriving from activity in the port and main marketplace, Getsemaní has always been more raucous than the hoity centre with all its regal airs and graces. 

    Much of the district's newest bars, follow in the city's loudest traditions. 

    While much of the area's carefree population are direct descendants of the hell-raisers of yesteryear it is no longer the terrifying place that rich Cartageneros used to scare their children into staying at home. 

    Backpackers, never averse to roughing it for a cheap place to stay have braved the bogeyman with few problems for decades and a growing number of boutique hotels and hostels have followed their lead setting up shop in some of the bigger properties on Calle Guerrero and Calle del Carretero. 

    Uber-hotel chains, Viceroy and the Four Seasons have plans to kick the barrio into the stratosphere with stellar openings in 2017 / 2018.

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