A Mediterranean Restaurant that Never Fails to Delight

Cartagena's Mediterranean foodie destination, Alyzia, makes eating a truly elaborate occasion. If we could eat here everyday, we would.

  • This Is What We Love

    • Fabulous food that deserves to wear the Mediterranean food badge with pride
    • Relishing in the olive oil, fresh bread and other practically extinct European ingredients you can never find on the Colombian coast
    • There are no run of the mill options. Even locally influenced dishes are given a posh Mediterranean flourish
    • Going for a cocktail on their rooftop terrace to watch the stars, sea and sights after a four-course meal
  • What You Need To Know

    • Alyzia Restaurant is located inside the Movich Hotel
    • If you're looking for more laid back dining, its best to choose from the Oceanika menu which means you can sit on the upstairs terrace
    • This seats up to 30 diners and there is a seating area outside. We recommend booking a table on the weekend
  • The Details

    Type of Food: Mediterranean

    Hours and Days: Mon-Sun: 12:00-23:00 ?

    Price Range: $$$

    Address: Calle Vélez Danies 4-39, Cartagena, Colombia

    Neighbourhood: Centro

    Rating: TIC User Rating

    Rating: Trip Advisor


    Our Full Review

    The restaurant's slick menu suggests that diners try four dishes instead of the traditional three-course option. Not ones to sniff at the offer of more food, we dive straight in.

    After all, when in Rome…

    Alyzia might not be in Italy, but it is in Movich hotel, one of the swankiest contemporary design hotels in the city. The decor is indulgent and beautiful in the way that modern, five-star hotels should be.

    There's soft lighting, lots of sophisticated beige upholstery and nice little quirks, like the upcycled canoe in the entrance, and fishnet curtains cloaking the space from the reception area.

    The food looks great too. For starters, the starters are incredibly attractive.

    The seafood platter is not so much a mound of shellfish with lots of skin,meat and bones, but a refined tapestry of the sea's prettiest models.

    A shrimp carpaccio, so transparent you barely see it, is topped with a cute baby octopus, delicate clams, mussels and a brush of olive dust.

    The burrata starter is of biblical proportions. A big, baked ball of the finest cheese—solid on the outside, fluffy on the inside—wobbles on a slab of homemade bread, ever so slightly soaked in truffle oil, there's so much dairy goodness, you may have to tuck into your neighbour's bread basket to finish it off.

    The Med' food spectrum is a broad one, so there are mains aplenty to choose from. Alyzia serves up enough seafood, pasta dishes, salads and delectable meats from the olive oil drenched Mediterranean belt to make your head spin.

    If you're a bit spoilt for choice, ask for recommendations and they'll find you a perfect match.

    On that particular rainy afternoon, ours was the deliciously warming lamb ribs with a pistachio crust. Generally considered their signature dish, it’s served with blue cheese stuffed potatoes and sautéed garden veggies.

    It’s the sort of meal you’d eye with food envy if you saw the plate go to the next table, and the rack of ribs tastes incredible—aromatic, nutty and delicious.

    The waiters are in-tune to your needs and desires every bit as much as the chef. They'll keep your wine glass topped up without you even glancing up to ask, bring the bill just before you raise your hand and pass the extra bread basket before you've even finished the first one (it's so darn good, this must happen frequently).

    Most importantly, they'll pair you up with the right dishes.

    For European foodies living in Cartagena, Alyzia solves the 'first world problem' of missing Med-ingredients they would find at home. Whilst everyone loves patacones, ceviche and so forth, nothing beats having six olive oil options to dip your bread into.

    Like the four-course menu, Alyzia likes to like pour more quantity into the mix than most, and lucky for us, their quality ratio never misses the mark.         



  • Centro

    Cartagena's nerve centre serves up breathtaking colonial architecture, the city's top attractions, finest hotels, eateries and drinking dens as well as being the administrative and cultural heart of the city. 

    Centro has lost none of its importance thanks to the universal lure of its colonial pomp and the concentration of government buildings, hotels, tourist attractions, bars and restaurants in the area. 

    Cartagena's finest hotels and restaurants have taken over the uber-casas built by slave traders and Spanish plunderers in the 17th century. 

    The richest residents knocked up stunning two and three-storey mansions by the westernmost tip of the walled city, where they bagged the sea breeze and first whiff of pirates. Today only those at the very top of Colombia's rich list can afford to maintain these opulent houses in their original residential state.

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