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  • Carmen Cartagena$$$

    • Contemporary | Fine Dining | San Diego

    Book ahead to avoid missing out on a superior culinary experience at Carmen Cartagena, the closest t…

  • Marea by Rausch$$$

    • Haute Cuisine | Waterfront | Getsemaní

    The Rausch brothers have been at the steering wheel of Colombia's gastronomic revolution since openi…

  • Don Juan $$$

    • Haute Cuisine | Fine Dining | Centro

    If the Basque-influenced culinary delights of Don Juan are good enough for the president of Colombia…

  • El Boliche$$$

    • Ceviche | Casual | San Diego

    The sublimely talented owners of El Boliche Cebichería, Oscar Colmenares and Viviana Díaz, created C…

  • Coco Restaurant$$$

    • French Fusion | Charming | Centro

    Unlike many Cartagena restaurants that have hopped on the ‘fusion’ bandwagon, mashing as opposed to …

  • Maria$$$

    • Haute Cuisine | Contemporary | Centro

    The Cartagena culinary dream team of Alejandro Ramirez and Juan Felipe Camacho is testimony to the i…

  • 1621 Restaurant$$$

    • Haute Cuisine | Special Occasion | San Diego

    Beyond setting the benchmark for luxury hotels in Cartagena, the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara's restau…

  • La Cocina de Pepina$$

    • Colombian Classics | Neighbourhood Gem | Getsemaní

    Local legend, chef, sociologist and architect, Maria Josefina "Pepina" Yances, swallowed the spirit …

  • Moshi$$$

    • Caribbean Asian Fusion | Contemporary | San Diego

    Moshi likes to keep things moving. Whether it’s the dynamic specials menu or the non-stop action aro…

  • La Vitrola$$$

    • Contemporary Cuban | Historic | Centro

    La Vitrola-or jukebox in Spanish-serves up an intoxicating mix of live Cuban son, a mean Mojito and …

  • Candé$$

    • Traditional Colombian | Live Music | Centro

    Flirt with the city’s unashamed love affair with all things fishy, gorge yourself on succulent cevic…

  • Malanga $$

    • Traditional Colombian | People Watching | San Diego

    Malanga fills the much needed gap in Cartagena’s food scene: non-fussy local food made with love and…

  • Club de Pesca Restaurant$$$

    • Seafood | Waterfront | Manga

    Perched proudly on Fort San Sebastian del Pastelillo, in front of Bocagrande's evolving skyline, Clu…

  • Juan del Mar Restaurante$$

    • Seafood | Live Music | San Diego

    Juan del Mar is famous in Cartagena with a capital F. While many restaurants that rely too heavily o…

  • Alyzia $$$

    • Mediterranean | Hotel | Centro

    Cartagena's Mediterranean foodie destination, Alyzia, makes eating a truly elaborate occasion. If we…

  • Amadeus$$$

    • | Charming | Centro

    Humble isn't a word you would use to describe Amadeus. The jaw-dropping colonial setting is a flagra…

  • Caffé Lunático $$

    • Tapas | Casual | Getsemaní

    Caffé Lunatico's poised menu is absolute dynamite—blasting off to every corner of the earth and burs…

  • El Bistro$

    • Bistro | Great for Lunch | Centro

    More than a legend in its own lunch time, El Bistro, has become part of Cartagena's culinary landsca…

  • El Santisimo $$

    • Fusion | Good for Groups | San Diego

    El Santisimo's chef and owner, Federico Vega, has been known to tempt even the most saintly Cartagen…

  • La Mulata $

    • | Great for Lunch | San Diego

    La Mulata's vivacious logo of a girls head with full on afro curls, sets the tone for Cartagena's fi…

  • La Perla $$

    • Peruvian | Contemporary | Centro

    Cartagena has its fair share of Peruvian pretenders muscling in on the Caribbean ceviche scene but L…

  • Montesacro Restaurant$$

    • Colombian Classics | Live Music | Centro

    Do not be fooled by the minimalist interiors, muted decoration and clean ambience—Montesacro's menu …

  • Oh! Lá Lá... Café Bistrot$$

    • Healthy Eating | Great for Lunch | Getsemaní

    This bistrot-style venue brings some Gallic panache to the fried food and carb-heavy diet of Cartage…

  • Piccolo $$

    • Italian | Al Fresco | Centro

    Ideally located in the historical centre, rubbing shoulders with some very nice culinary neighbors (…

  • Red Knife $$$

    • Steak & Seafood | Hotel | Getsemaní

    Every day's a Red Letter Day at Red Knife, a designer pardise for fine diners craving superior cuts …

  • Salou Restaurant$$$

    • Colombian Fusion | Contemporary | Centro

    Spaniards thinking Salou Restaurant is a culinary shortcut to Spain will be disappointed, you are no…

  • Simple$$

    • Healthy Eating | Casual | Centro

    Simple puts the spotlight on great food, with a healthy eatery that's full of flavour and devoid of …

  • Zaitún Restaurant & Bar$$$

    • Lebanese | Casual | Centro

    The Arabic food revival on the coast has seriously upped Cartagena's restaurant game in recent years…

Restaurants, 28 found: 1-14 displayed

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